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Preparing Your Yard For A Playset

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Discover how simple it is to transform your backyard into a "play paradise" with our vinyl playsets that will provide hours of safe fun for your children.

Decide Where You Want The Playset!

Some yards simply have a natural corner for a playset, whether by design or happenstance! If your yard is one that makes it harder to visualize here are some things to consider;

1. Keep it in your line of site from where you spend the most time, (i.e. patio or kitchen window)

2. Avoid rocky or uneven surfaces that could be a hazard to your children.

3. If you are planning on adding surfacing in your playground, figure in at least 6' of space from the slides and swings to where the surfacing border will be.

4. Avoid locating the playset where the slope is greater than a 1/2" per foot, slight leveling can be done when installing your playset.

5. Is the site accessible? Most of our playsets will arrive partially assembled, if the site will not be easily accessible (i.e. a fence or stairway) your playset may need to be delivered in a kit form.

6. Just like that, now that you've figured out where you want to put your playset, give us a call, we would be happy to help you in any way we can. Did I mention we will take care of the installation for you? That way you can start enjoying it right away!

What Activities Are You Looking For?

The great thing about these playsets is each and every one can be tailored to fit your families' needs. Whether you want something for one child with only a few swings and a slide to a complete Ninja Warrior themed playset, we can help you design the playground you are looking for using our interactive design tool found on our website here.

What Are People Saying About Us?

If you're thinking about a playset I highly recommend this place.

Remember the feeling you got when you went to the park as a kid and you would swing high on the swings or swoop down the slides? Playsets have gotten much safer and more aesthetically pleasing but those same feelings of exhilaration are still felt today. Our vinyl playsets are built using PVC vinyl sleeved over pressure treated pine wood and poly decking to give your kids hours of splinter-free fun. Not having to ever paint or stain it is just an added bonus!

Get Inspired!

Be sure to visit our playset photo gallery here or visit the Swing Kingdom gallery here to get inspired on how you can create a one of a kind playset for your kids to enjoy right in your own backyard.

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