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Field Company Cast Iron Cookware for Sale
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Field Company makes things that get better with time, better with care, better with skill, and generally speaking, better when experienced with others.

Cast Iron Kits for Sale

Cast Iron

16 inch double handle skillet_edited.png

Double Handle Skillet
No. 16 - 16


Cast Iron Skillet for sale


  • No.4 - 6 3/4 in. - $95

  • No. 6 - 8 3/8 in. - $115

  • No. 8 - 10 1/4in. - $115

  • No.10-11 5/8 in. - $195

  • No.12-13 3/8in. - $245

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Dutch Oven
No. 8 - 4.5qt.



  • No. 6   -  $95

  • No. 8  -  $115

  • No.10 - $195

  • No.12 - $155

Cast Iron Griddle For Sale

No. 9 Round - 10 1/2 in



Cast Iron Care Kit for Sale
  • Cast Iron Care Kit   -    $50

  • Chain Mail Scrubber - $20

  • Field Seasoning Oil  -  $16

  • Leather Handle Cover 

              ​Black or Brown  -  $27

 We started by taking one of our favorite vintage cast iron pans, a beautiful Wagner from the 1930s, and going to visit some foundries.  We were told that there was no way that a modern foundry could pour iron that thin.  Not willing to accept that answer, we stumbled on a whitepaper called Thermophysical Properties of Thin Walled Compacted Graphite Iron Castings written a material science professor in Europe.  We emailed him and he agreed to Skype with us.  He was eager to help and more than a little amused.  With his help, we were ale to perform microscopic imaging to compare the graphite structure of vintage pans and make sure they weren't black magic.  Eventually, we visited his lab to learn to make iron castings by hand-the way our favorite pans had been made over a hundred years ago.

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Authorized Dealer

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