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How durable are Swing Kingdom's playsets?

Vinyl has five times the tensile strength and four times the flexibility of wood. By combining the performance of vinyl with the strength of Wolmanized treated wood, we create a swing set that is built to last.

Why is a vinyl clad playset so much better then a traditional wood playset?

The vinyl acts like a shell protecting the playset’s wood under structure from environmental elements resulting in a longer service life.

Will my swing set fade from exposure to the sun?

Our products contain an extremely effective UV inhibitor that offers protection from harmful UV rays.

Will my swing set rust?

No. To guard against rust and corrosion we use powder coated stainless steel components.

Will my swing hangers squeak when in use?

No. Our extra-duty stainless steel swing hangers are designed to be squeak free and resistant to rust

What makes your slides so much better?

We manufacture our slides to be double walled, making them physically larger and much stronger than industry standards

How are your playhouses constructed?

Our playhouses are built from the same high quality building materials that are used in new residential home construction

Can the carpet in the playhouses get wet?

Yes. We use outdoor carpet in our playhouses that is made to stand up to water and moisture.

How well does the rubber coating on the swing chains hold up to weather?

Our rubber coated chains are treaded to resistant mold, mildew, and harmful UV rays. They will not get sticky, fade, or crack.

Will the color be consistent on my swing set?

Yes. We manufacture a majority of the components used on our swing sets to assure consistent color throughout.

Do your playsets have any exposed sharp edges?

No. To assure your children’s safety, all sharp pointed edges are tightly covered with a smooth rounded cap.

Can I add more accessories to my playset in the future?

Yes. We have the largest variety of interchangeable components that can easily be added to your playset in the future.

Do you offer an intallation service if I choose to add accessories to my playset in the future?

Yes. Professional installers are usually available to build on to your existing Swing Kingdom playset. However, this service may vary depending on where you are located.

How do I clean my swing set if it gets dirty?

Swing Kingdom playsets are extreamly low maintenance. You can easily revitalize your playset’s appearance with a garden hose, glass cleaner, and soft brush to wash away dirt and debris.

What sort of warranty does Swing Kingdom offer?

We offer a 20 year warranty on the main structure, and a 5 year warranty on all small components. 

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